Franklin Barbecue reopens next week

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The long wait for barbecue lovers (and the Franklins and their staff) is over: Franklin Barbecue will reopen Tuesday, Nov. 21.

The restaurant will be back to doing regular lunch business but will limit their pre-orders until the new smokehouse is complete.

Franklin closed after a fire in August that was caused by a wind-blown ember from a pit.

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J.T. Youngblood’s fried chicken starts weekend dinner service Friday

Update: J.T. Youngblood’s starts weekend dinner service this Friday and will serve dinner Friday and Saturday only until 9 p.m. for at least the next two weekends as it phases in a more robust dinner schedule.

Lenoir executive chef Todd Duplechan and his partners opened J.T. Youngblood’s today at 1905 Aldrich St. in the Mueller development. The retro-inspired restaurant is initially only open for lunch daily from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and will expand hours in the near future.

Duplechan’s, Jeffrey’s co-founder Jeffrey Weinberger, and former Trio at the Four Seasons general manager Jeff Haber have given new life to the brand that originally opened in the 1940s and grew to more than 30 locations across Texas before shuttering around 1970.

The restaurant serves the trademark Youngblood’s fried chicken, which Weinberger featured at his old Shoreline Grill, along with rotisserie chicken. You can order the chicken in a variety of baskets, with sides like braised greens, honey carrots, buttermilk mashed potatoes with gravy and more. All of the chicken is humanely raised Smart Chicken brand. Youngblood’s also serves a couple of sandwiches and salads, along with handmade milkshakes. See the complete menu here.

The menu at the new J.T. Youngblood’s.

“We’re trying to usher in a new style of fast food,” Duplechan told the Statesman last year. “The Southern food your grandparents would have had. Not Paula Deen-Southern, but from-the-garden Southern. Good, fresh healthy food.”

The original Youngblood’s had an Austin location near the current P. Terry’s on South Lamar Boulevard. Austin native and former adman Forrest Preece has fond memories.

“I still remember the smell of that place — the fried chicken and yeast rolls. My version of nirvana in the fifties,” Preece told the Statesman last year. “The breading on that chicken had a certain crispy pop that made each bite special. Of course, it was a day of total entertainment when my parents would take me to the Kiddie Park directly across South Lamar and I could ride the ponies and the merry-go-round and then we ate at Youngblood’s.”


Paul Qui’s Kuneho opens January 2, with sneak peek the preceding week

Perfect bites at Kuneho: aged beef tongue, salmon butter, morcilla a la dinuguan, uni toast with lardo. (Credit: Mark Weatherford)
Perfect bites at Kuneho: aged beef tongue, salmon butter, morcilla a la dinuguan, uni toast with lardo. (Credit: Mark Weatherford)

Update: Kuneho will now open on January 4

James Beard Award-winning Paul Qui will return to the kitchen following the shutter of his eponymous restaurant, Qui.

He will open Kuneho (the name means “rabbit” in his native Tagalog) at 1600 E. Sixth Street on January 2, following a week of preview dinners and a sneak peek celebration event on New Year’s Eve. Qui closed his first restaurant in September, six months after his arrest for assault against his girlfriend in March. That case is ongoing, with a pre-trial hearing slated for February. Qui discussed his arrest and personal struggles in an interview with the Statesman this summer.

Kuneho will be more casual than its predecessor, serving sushi and globally inspired dishes, continuing Qui’s pursuit for “the perfect bite.” Dishes will include sunchoke dashi with Hausbar Farm vegetables and dried uni; and snapper with burnt savoy cabbage and a sauce made with nori, black pepper and yuzu. See the complete opening menu at bottom.

Qui will be joined in the kitchen by chef de cuisine Mia Li, a veteran of Thai Kun with both Chinese (father) and Thai (mother) roots. Kuneho will feature four separate spaces — a main dining room, cocktail lounge, sushi bar and patio — and be open Sunday-Thursday from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday until 11 p.m.

There will be preview dinners December 27-30, with dishes offered at 25-percent discount. Those attending earn access to the restaurant’s New Year’s Eve party. Reservations can be made by emailing or calling 512-436-9626.

The complete opening food menu is located below:

Perfect Bites

Quail egg + caviar, light soy sauce

Trout roe migas

Morcilla a la dinuguan

Mussel Escabeche

Peanut Gazpacho in a bite

Caviar toast

Uni toast with lardo

Foie Toast


Salmon Butter

Rabbit hand pie

Caramelized Eggplant

Kuneho Sushi

Aged Beef Tongue- 30 day age, black pepper, fish caramel

Enoki Mushroom- tamari

Hearts of Palm- peanut sauce, roasted peanuts

Crispy Onion

Smoked Short Rib- smoked tamari, fresh wasabi

Pork Jam- toboki, chicharonne

Foiegras- umeboshi pate de fruit, shiso

Avocado- yuzukosho, tamari


Big eye tuna

Sustainable Blue Fin

Sustainable Blue Fin toro

Ora King Salmon


Japanese Sea Bream

Black Bass

Sea Urchin



Gulf Shrimp


Kurodai Tiradito- black bass ginger, garlic, aji amarillo, olive oil

Madai Carpaccio- Japanese sea bream, garlic oil, smoked soy

Atun poke- big eye tuna, avocado, green apple, red onion, tamari, pumpkin seed oil

Kinilawin- cobia, coconut vinegar, coconut milk, red onion, cilantro, black pepper

Smoked Sake- ora king salmon, whey, green tea oil, crispy garlic

Mixta Ceviche- fin fish and shellfish marinated in citrus

Aji aji- horse mackerel, aji amarillo, leche de tigre

Sabe Escabeche- east coast mackarel, ponzu, tomatoes, herbs

Sunchoke Dashi- a selection of vegetables from HausBar Farms, dried uni, croutons

Avo Shell- avocado, yuzu, blue crab, savory kuro cereal


Roti canai with curry rabbit and parmesan

Sweet greens salad with carrot ginger dressing

Sunomono- pickle plate

Dorsey’s vegetable with lemon miso hummus

Kuneho queen crab

Nabe and More

Hamachi bibimbap

Vegetable bibimbap

Sisig + fried egg

Mussel with dinuguan sauce and jamon

Sizzling rice ochazuke

Poached grouper in kombu milk broth

Ben’s Snapper with burnt nappa, nori, black pepper, yuzu

All the Rolls

Kimchi and velveeta eggrolls

Hearts of palm lumpia

Austin Roll- fish cake, cucumber, avocado, sweet chili vinegar

Philly Speer Roll- smoked ora king salmon, laughing cow cheese, ash

Negihama, smoke tamari, fresh wasabi

Negitoro, smoked tamari, fresh wasabi

Fried Shrimp roll, green mango, kuneho sauce, crispy stuff

Super Crunchy Salmon Roll

Big Beef Roll, yummy beef parts, avocado, cucumber, yuzukosho miso

Agemono fried goodness

Fried Half chicken, banana ketchup, nam jim, pan de mie and pickles

Pork rib nam, pork jam, cucumber

Hamachi kama

Sake kama

Seasonal tempura vegetables, tensuyu

Chicken Karaage

Chicken ribs , master bbq sauce, acharra

Tonkatsu – kurobuta pork chop, shredded cabbage, fruit sauce

Tonguekatsu- aged beef tongue, hot mustard, milk bread, pickles

Yakimono/ Grill

Aged beef tongue, fish caramel, hot mustard

Smoked short rib, seasonal kimchi and pickles

Pork Belly Lechon fresh asian pear salad

Unicorn en Vaso- grilled corn with sea urchin and kewpie in a cup

Elotes- grilled corn Japanese texas style

Smoked short ribs, seasonal kimchi

Pork belly Lechon, asian pear salad

Kuneho Sweets

Foie “Roti Boy” coffee bun

Matcha Mochi and Valrhona ganache

Japanese Cheesecake