Dai Due selling female-themed pastries Saturday in support of Women’s March

Credit: Ralph Barrera AMERICAN-STATESMAN
Credit: Ralph Barrera AMERICAN-STATESMAN

Dai Due executive pastry chef Abby Love is supporting the Women’s March in Austin Saturday in one of the ways she knows best, making awesome pastries. But there’s a clever twist. Love has created a roster of cheeky  “lady-themed” pastries for sale, some of which are anatomical and comical in nature. In addition to those undisclosed goodies, Love will also create what she is calling Mama Bear Claws and Burning Bra Chili Cheese Rolls.

The bear claws are croissant dough filled with Texas pecan frangipane ($5) and the bra-shaped offerings are cheddar buns spiked with house-fermented chili paste ($4). Dai Due will be serving the limited offerings from its bakery (2406 Manor Road) starting at 10 a.m. Saturday.

“We are in full support of the march on Saturday and would love nothing more than to fill anyone who is marching full of gluten, sugar, fraternity, and solidarity,” Love said.

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