Newly renovated Ruth’s Chris Steak House downtown joins the 21st Century

open-bar-frontOne of downtown’s older restaurant residents has received a major face-lift that cost more than $1 million. Ruth’s Chris Steak House near Sixth Street and Congress Avenue has upgraded from its tight, dated look to a more open and modern aesthetic. The formerly cramped bar has been nixed for a large horseshoe bar in a space colored with white quartz pillars, natural birch branches, and bright modern Texas-inspired artwork. The friendly restaurant has always had charm, but now it has a little modern sophistication to go with it.

The look has morphed from a dated 80s style to something you might expect in one of the new hotels that dot downtown Austin. Updates to the bar and lounge areas included white tufted booths, a large communal table and twice as much seating as before. Other new touches throughout the lounge and renovated dining room include bat sculptures, steel guitars and chromed steer wall art. Five private dining rooms also remain following the recent changes.

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