Southern Living thinks this Texas restaurant should be on your barbecue bucket list

There’s no date attached to this Southern Living slideshow of the 50 barbecue restaurants in America at which you must dine before you die, but it recently came across my radar. As you probably did, when I saw the headline, I figured Texas’ entry into America’s Barbecue Bucket List would be Franklin Barbecue (Austin) or Snow’s (Lexington) or Louie Mueller BBQ (Taylor) or Pecan Lodge (Dallas) or Killen’s (Pearland). I was wrong. The one Texas barbecue restaurant the magazine says you must visit before you die is Ten50 BBQ in Richardson, the restaurant opened by Chili’s co-founder Larry Lavine. Huh.


I must admit, I’ve never been there. I’m sure it’s lovely. But, considering our state’s go-to authority on barbecue, Texas Monthly’s Daniel Vaughn, wrote about its inconsistent sliced brisket in 2014 and called the onion rings may be the best thing on the menu, I wonder how Southern Living did its research/compiled its list. Guess we have somewhere to visit next time we swing up to the Metroplex.


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