Mark your calendars: Aaron Franklin announces date he hopes to reopen Franklin Barbecue

[cmg_anvato video=”4159582″]

Ever since a fire destroyed the smokehouse at Franklin Barbecue in the early morning hours of August 26, one question has been on the minds of barbecue lovers all over Texas (and possibly the world): “When will Franklin Barbecue reopen?”

In speaking about his new partnership at Loro with Tyson Cole and Hai Hospitality last week, Aaron Franklin had an update.

Aaron and Stacy Franklin opened Franklin Barbecue in East Austin in 2011.

Franklin said he hopes to have the restaurant open with limited operations the week of November 14. That would mean Franklin Barbecue would be preparing 75 briskets a day, with limited to-go orders and limited service, as opposed to the usual 120 briskets a day. As far as being totally back to normal and fully operational, Franklin said he hopes for the restaurant to be firing on all cylinders by the second or third week of December.

In addition to rebuilding the smokehouse, Franklin said they have also taken the down time to do some minor remodeling in the dining room, as well. In the meantime, Franklin Barbecue fans can get a taste of the James Beard Award winner’s cooking at the James Beard Foundation’s Taste America event Friday night at the W Hotel Austin.



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