UPDATE: Tacodeli, Flyrite, Peached Tortilla, JuiceLand, more opening at Austin airport

Update: Officials from the city of Austin have confirmed that a slew of food vendors will join the concession group at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport.

As a sign posted online this week hinted the other day, the vendors will include Peached Tortilla, Hat Creek Burger Company, Mandola’s Italian Kitchen, Flyrite Chicken and Tacodeli.

Joining that group are Hut’s Hamburgers, Mad Greens, Departure Lounge, Berry Austin Frozen Yogurt, and JuiceLand.

The changes will start with the renovation of the east food court, across from Gates 7-8 later in 2017. The Peached Tortilla, Mad Greens, Departure Lounge, Berry Austin Frozen Yogurt, and JuiceLand are some of the new concepts for the east food court.

Will air travelers be lining up for Tacodeli at ABIA? (Ralph Barrera AMERICAN-STATESMAN)
There’s a lot of change coming to the growing Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. We know there’s a Second Bar & Kitchen opening an outpost there, along with Italian cafe and market I Vini and a Tyler’s sports. But a post today on Instagram from Peached Tortilla owner Eric Silverstein hinted that there may be a lot more coming, as well. 
The owner of the Southern-Asian fusion restaurant posted a photo with the logo of Delaware North, one of the airport’s concessionaires, with a “Coming Soon” section featuring the logos of Peached Tortilla, Jo’s coffee, Tacodeli, Flyrite chicken and others. 
So, it’s official?
Not exactly. A representative for ABIA said that while Second, I Vini, Tyler’s and a new Salt Lick twice the size of the original airport location were all slated, he did not recognize some of the other names as future tenants and said that some of the names on the flyer might not end up in the airport. 
“The airport did not put that sign up,” the rep said. 
Adding to the intrigue, the airport’s official Twitter page Tweeted that Tacodeli would be at Gate 9 in the Barbara Jordan terminal. (Linked inside the Tweet below). Something doesn’t add up. When you have a concessionaire, city government and multiple independent owners all working together, it isn’t terribly unusual for the timing of an announcement like this to go a little sideways. Once all of the contracts are signed, the airport will put out an official release announcing the new vendors.

Update: (6:34 p.m.) In the meantime, Flyrite, via their director of opps on Twitter, says they are on board. (Airplane pun intentional.)


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