No, there is not a Chili’s coming to East Sixth Street in East Austin

Update (#2): Sorry, lovers of chocolate shakes and Southwestern cuisine, despite the professional looking Chili’s-branded banners and flyers papering the building, there is not a Chili’s coming to the former Uptown Sports Club space at 1200 E. Sixth Street.

The new owners of the property, a group that includes Mohawk and Hot Luck co-owner James Moody, say they do have plans for a concept there in the future.

“But it certainly won’t be a Chili’s,” Moody said.

As for what has to be considered one of the great Austin art installations and satiric trolls of both gentrifiers and the people who loathe them, the new owners, who bought the property last year, say they had nothing to do with it and didn’t know it was happening.

“Of course we’re not behind it, but we think it’s hilarious,” Moody said. “It’s the east side being the east side. It’s why we love the east side.”

Moody didn’t share any more details about what will come to the long-coveted and postered property at East Sixth and Waller streets,saying it is still in the concept phase.

                                                      A photo from a reader shows Chili’s-branded signage at the old Uptown Sports Club.

Update (#1): Chili’s Bar & Grill caught wind of the “news” and responded with a Tweet. The restaurant group seemed to get a kick out of the absurdity of it all.

Some clever jokesters are trying to agitate Austin with some next-level satire. A photo posted to social media shows people hanging a banner that seems to indicate that a Chili’s will be opening in the old home of the Uptown Sports Club at 1200 E. Sixth St. That, of course, is about as likely as Gregg Abbott becoming mayor of Austin. The “restaurant” has even set up a flagged Twitter account. One sign even name checks current and former beloved East Austin establishments like Franklin Barbecue and Cheer Up Charlies. #trollsohard

While we can’t say what we’ve heard off the record about the forthcoming business there, county records show the long-coveted property was purchased last year by a group named 1200 East 6th Partners LLC.

Photo emailed by a reader.


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