Apis and Kyoten Sushiko teaming for sushi dinner in Spicewood

Two of the area’s best restaurants are teaming up for a collaboration that should excite local adventurous diners and sushi lovers. Apis welcome chef Otto Phan of Kyoten Sushiko into the Spicewood restaurant on July 19 for a meal that will feature dishes from Phan and the Apis team. The collaboration will be focused on what common fascinations the two restaurants share, according to Apis chef Adam Brick: aged fish, aged meat, tamari soys, miso and vinegar.

Aji nigiri.

The first part of the six-course dinner will served sushi bar style, with diners receiving bites from both Apis and Kyoten to highlight the similarities and differences of the same protein prepared by two different chefs, with two different backgrounds and disciplines. Both restaurant’s will use Phan’s sublime rice.

Dinner costs $100, with additional sake pairings from Phan for $50. The main Apis menu and bar menu will also be available.

“I’ve always admired his dedication to his craft and his views on sushi culture and rice. We very quietly do a lot of things at Apis that make sushi guys head spin and we wanted to work with him to see how our programs would sit, literally on a piece of rice,” Brick said.

The special dinner is limited to only 24 diners, spread out over four seatings between 6 and 8 p.m. Due to the style of menu, the restaurants can not accommodate shellfish, nut and celiacs restrictions, as well as fish, raw fish or raw food aversions. For reservations, call 512-436-8918 or visit OpenTable.com. See the menu below:

  • (Apis) aged madai crudo vs. (Kyoten) aged madai crudo
  • (Apis) Spanish mackerel sashimi “taco” with nukazuke kohlrabi, red chili – kumquat koshu, finger lime and our sunflower miso vs. (Kyoten) Spanish mackeral nigiri
  • (Apis) Aji nigiri with peanut miso and tamari, preserved lemon and holy basil  vs. (Kyoten) aji nigiri
  • (Apis) cured ocean trout belly sashimi with smoked trout churro, trout roe and traditional garnish vs. (Kyoten) ocean trout belly nigiri
  • (Apis) aged tuna nigiri with pecan soy and tamari vs. (Kyoten) aged tuna nigiri
  • (Apis) 100 day aged angus ribeye with 180 day aged ribeye cap lardo, black shallot – exotic peppercorn relish and our barley soy  vs. (Kyoten) aged and cured a5 wagyu nigiri

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