Poll: Austinites prefer queso over guacamole, Salt Lick over Franklin Barbecue

Pollster Peter Zandan has released a comprehensive survey about life in Austin. He polled 800 locals on everything from public transportation to barbecue. Austinites biggest concerns, not surprisingly, were transportation and affordability in the booming town.

But the findings that matter to us most in this space were about food.

(Credit: Kenny Braun)

Locals narrowly chose queso over guacamole, with the fake food stuff beating out the avocado-based dish 53 percent to 41 percent. Those who didn’t vote preferred neither and are probably horrible people to hang out with. Maybe the respondents in the poll that has a four-point margin of error were hungover when they answered, because I could say a knee-jerk hungover response being queso. I, too, love queso. But guacamole is fresher, tastier, more versatile and is actually, you know, food. About seven percent didn’t care for either. Stay away from those people.

Maybe the respondents were still drunk when asked about barbecue. Twenty percent said Salt Lick was the best barbecue in the area, with Franklin Barbecue coming in second with 16 percent of the vote. There was another eight percent who don’t eat barbecue. They are probably the same people mentioned above. Stay away from them, as well.

One thing most could agree on, breakfast tacos are good. Sixty-five percent said they eat them at least a few times per month, with 41 percent saying they ate them at least once a week. Of course, there were seven percent who just aren’t into them at all. We call them Yankees, and they hang out with the seven percent who don’t care for queso or guacamole.


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