No charges filed against person of interest in Pizzagate-related harassment of East Side Pies

A person of interest questioned by the Austin Police Department concerning the harassment of East Side Pies and the conspiracy theory known as “Pizzagate” will not face charges, according to the APD.

Last week the APD said they were questioning a person who had been arrested by Pflugerville police the week before on an unrelated charges. The APD never released the name of the person in question.

Noah Polk Co-founder and co-owner of Austin local pizza chain East Side Pies speaks with Christina O’Keefe a Property Crime Tech outside of the East Side Pie and where someone vandalized his store early this week. East Side Pies will be participating in the “Anti-Bullying Special” in response to an outpouring of community support following recent online fake news harassment by so-called “Pizzagate” conspiracy theorists. Customers will have a choice to donate $1 Anti-Bullying Special to benefit East Austin non-profit Creative Action when you shop at the store. (Ricardo B. Brazziell AMERICAN-STATESMAN)
East Side Pies co-founder Noah Polk speaks with Christina O’Keefe, a property crime tech for the APD, outside of the East Side Pies after someone vandalized the store last week. (Ricardo B. Brazziell AMERICAN-STATESMAN)

East Side Pies faced online and physical harassment over a period of two weeks after message board chatter and a YouTube video by an reporter fueled conspiracy theories about the farm-to-table pizzeria that opened in 2006.  East Side Pies responded to the threats by teaming with local non-profit Creative Action for an anti-bullying special at all three of the restaurant’s locations.


“a person of interest was arrested by Pflugerville PD on an unrelated warrant and that person is being questioned by APD regarding the ESP reports. However, there are no charges at this time and no information is being released regarding the person of interest.”

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