Dish of the week: Goat sliders


The Whip In (off Interstate 35 between Woodland Avenue and Oltorf Street) has slowly transformed over the last 30 years, evolving into a retail beer and wine bar that takes a playful approach to bar food, with the Topiwala family mashing up Indian and Texas flavors.

The goat sliders – how many convenience stores source meat from Windy Hills Farm – deliver juicy, gamy flavor wrapped in puffed naan ($12). Flecks of roasted jalapeno put their aggressive stamp on charred patties the size of smashed golf balls, with pickled white onions adding pucker to the flavorful sandwich. Crumbled feta ($2 extra) tempers the sliders salty sting. I eat the garnish of fresh greens and tomatoes separately as a side salad, allowing the goat to shine with little adornment. My only complaint: I wish I got three little sliders instead of two for that price. Order a side of cilantro chutney to cool the mild spice of the accompanying fries that come with the dish. Wash it all down with one of more than 65 beers on draft.

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