Taco Tuesday: Lamb taco

lamb taco

The lamb on this taco is shredded but it hits you with the animal’s gamey essence like a lamb chop straight to the head. The meat is braised tender in a mild stew of tomatoes and onions and finished on the griddle. That leaves chunks and wisps that range from lush and fatty to lean and crispy at the edges. The accompanying cilantro and brightens the profile, but this is a taco made for mood lighting.

When a dish is this good it’s worth naming the restaurant after it. El Borrego de Oro used to serve the birria platter, leaving you to make your own tacos, but now they’re listed right there on the back for $3, along with the options like aguacate, al pastor, barbacoa, carne guisada, chicharron, lingua, picadillo, and chicken for $2.50. If you need a little more lamb to get your fix, there’s also a restorative consome. The lamb didn’t come with any salsa, and while the red table salsa studded with jalapenos and scattered with black pepper is nice for chips, the juicy lamb doesn’t require any condiments.

El Borrego de Oro

3900 S. Congress Ave. 512-383-0031

Open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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